Greek Garden Early Harvest

Manousos Manousakis – Peloponnese- Greece

At the turn of the Millennium, Greek film director Manousos Manousakis and his family decided to revive a unique olive grove at the foot of Mount Parnonas, in the historic village of Sellasia. Honoring the wisdom of centuries old local tradition, the Manousakis family nurtured the rare local variety of olives known as Koutsourelia & the highly regarded Manaki variety.

Unfiltered – Organic

The olives are harvested early, by hand, from ancient trees and cold pressed the same day to preserve the beneficial organic nutrients in the fruit. The resulting oil is unfiltered, smooth and wonderfully well-balanced. This is pure, natural, olive juice and the residue from the pressed olives that accumulates at the bottom of the bottle is proof of this. It is the perfect oil for enhancing the flavors of light greens, steamed vegetables, tomato salads, and steamed or grilled white fish. Enjoy this rare, limited edition organic olive oil and dream of the cool breeze on the slopes of Mount Parnonas.


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Our happy customers

I ordered the prosecco and the olive oil. The Olive oil is delicious and fresh there are some lovely earthy flavours. I can taste the love it was made with! The prosecco was smooth and subtle perfect for a warm afternoon. It complimented my roasted veggies in the garden! It is wonderful to know these products were sourced from small farms and are made by passionate people.
Thank you so much!!

Lily, Brighton

Very impressive first couple of orders – the still Prosecco was exquisite & the oil and balsamic vinegar bring that feeling of Mediterranean sunshine to our Yorkshire table.

Susan, Hebden Bridge

Brilliant organic products, beautifully packaged using NO plastic. I loved the balsamic vinegar in my first delivery and can’t wait to find out what comes with my next order

Marc, West Yorkshire

Such a great idea. Signed up with the welcome offer – I love that each product has a history and you know exactly who produced it. The quality and flavours are out of this world!

Georgia, Brighton