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The sun is shining, the lockdown is easing and life is starting to feel a bit more normal. Now we can meet up with groups of six in our gardens, we thought we would share some tips on how to enjoy garden life Origin Organics style with 5 close friends.

Nothing beats enjoying a fresh salad & a glass of crisp white wine in the sunshine. Add in a freshly baked loaf of bread, organic extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar and we’re in heaven.

Here are some tasting notes & foodie reviews of our products to help make your garden parties are as delicious as can be.

Producer: Acetaia Guerzoni – Italy

Bottle: 8 year Balsamic Vinegar di Modena IGP –  Organic – Biodynamic

This is an absolute treat. Aged in oak casks for around 8 years, then combined with a dash of 25 year old traditional vinegar to create a dense, complex and sweet balsamic.

This balsamic calls out for drizzling over shaved parmesan as an aperitivo. It’s rich, sharp and sweet and compliments any meat, fish, cheese, roasted vegetables & ice cream. Lorenzo Guerzoni’s favourite dish to eat with this balsamic vinegar is a regional speciality in Modena: Pizza alla Crema di Zucca. – Pizza with a cream of pumpkin base. He admits that it elevates any pizza to another level.

If you’re having a cheese & cured meats platter with six friends, you’ll be fighting over this balsamic!

This has been one of our most popular bottles since we launched last month. Food blogger Brightonfoodboy left a fantastic review: “I can’t argue with the quality of these products. The balsamic is LUSH – thick, rich, sweet and complex thanks to 8yrs of ageing in oak casks, plus a dash of 25yr old traditional vinegar. I can see myself using this on pretty much everything in the coming weeks.’ Check out his Instagram @brightonfoodboy to see photos and his reviews.

We can’t keep ourselves from sharing another review of this balsamic we received at the weekend from the teenager of a family friend. “This is good.” Joey, aged 12

Producer: L’Antica Quercia – Italy

Bottle: Morene, Prosecco Tranquillo. Natural Still Prosecco DOCG – Organic.

Perfect as an al fresco aperetivo before heading out for a meal with six friends. I fell in love with Prosecco Tranqulilo when working on a permaculture project in the Conegliano region of Northern Italy. This natural, still wine has all the sweet and sharp complexities of high quality, organic prosecco but without the bubbles. Mineral and fruity nose with soft hints of lemon zest and wild herbs. On the palate the absence of bubbles exposes the true flavours of Prosecco, naked for all the world to see. Enjoy as an aperitivo with some hard cheese or grilled vegetables.

Food blogger AylaEats left us a review – “This was my first time trying organic wine. The lack of bubbles mean you do get to really taste the full flavours of Prosecco. Really interesting!” Head to her Instagram page @aylaeats to check out her review of trying our balsamic vinegar with ice cream.

Producer: Biolea – Greece

Bottle: Extra virgin olive oil – Cold Pressed – Organic.

This natural stone-milled organic olive oil is a perfect addition to a healthy, spring picnic. Packed with nutritional goodness, with a high concentration of antioxidants and up to seven times more polyphenols than the average olive oil. The flavour is mild and sweet with scents of freshly cut grass, apples and wild herbs. In our house this is the perfect addition to the humble Greek salad. Tomatoes, feta, red onion, Kalamata olives, oregano, red wine vinegar and Biolea olive oil. For a cooked dish we recommend drizzling over baked salmon with a dash of fresh lemon.

London Gastro Boy’s review was sweet and to the point, just like the olive oil! “Smooth with a fruity finish, complex and sublime.” Head to his instagram @londongastroboy to see the full review of our products.

Origin Organics

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Origin Organics gives an insight into rural life in Spain, Italy, France, Greece and beyond. It’s no secret that us Brits love to romanticise and dream about life in the Mediterraneann living outside, eating great food and drinking sublime wine. Considering we can’t go on holiday for a while, at least we can live the dream in our gardens with our close ones with the sun out and some great bottles of organic olive oil, vinegar and wine.

We will be sharing recipes in the coming weeks of our favourite dishes to pair with Origin Organics bottles. Watch this space!

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