ReModena is a small production of organic Balsamic Vinegar di Modena IGP. ReModena has a culinary heritage rooted in Modena, and the ancient skill of vinegar making has been passed down through Nicolo’s family for generations.

Nicolo is a passionate vinegar maker who oversees the whole production from grape to bottle.

The product is made from Lambrusco and Trebbiano grapes grown in their own vineyards. The production process uses modern technologies that completely respect tradition in order to obtain a naturally dense product that follows the old family recipe. By harvesting the grapes at the exact moment and cooking the grape must to a certain temperature, Nicolo is able to re-create the sweet, dense & complex characteristics of a 20 year old vinegar  in just three years in barrels.

We love the history and culture surrounding traditional balsamic vinegar production. However, due to the time required to create ( 12 – 25 years) there is a limited supply and it is often inaccessible to most. That’s why we love working with young, small farms who are coming up with organic methods of improving the whole process to make it an affordable luxury.

Nicolo’s ReModena Balsamico Di Modena IGP is beautifully dense and sweet with sharp afternotes and complex aromas. It works really well with cheeses, meats and desserts.


Top tip, drizzle on some vanilla ice cream… You’ll never look back.