La Burra Verde

La Burra Verde combines eco tourism, self sufficiency, agro-ecology and communal living, with a focus on degrowth and nature connection.


Kate Fairclough’s project, La Burra Verde (The Green Donkey) all started with a desire to escape from the city and to find a way of living that felt more compatible with her nature. She came to Spain and ended up staying in a 5m2 hut with a donkey as a next door neighbour.

An ever-evolving project, that never had a specific aim, has been shaped over the last 20 years by hundreds of volunteers who have helped to create and direct the project known as La Burra Verde.

Motivated by the need to have a trustworthy, local organic certified mill to take their olives to, Kate was one of the dozen founder members of the olive oil co-op “La Flor de la Alpujarra”.The cooperative has helped to stimulate organic production in an area which struggles to compete with the mechanised, industrial mono-agriculture style of large parts of Spain. 

La Burra Verde is still evolving to focus more on research, reforestation and creating links with other organisations in the future.

Visit their eco lodge

If you want to get involved with the project, or book a stay in one of their eco-lodges, then send us an email and we will put you in contact.