Bosco Falconeria

Bosco Falconeria is the perfect fit for Origin Organics. Creating delicious, healthy organic extra virgin olive oil, organic wines using indigenous grapes as well as crafting their own vinegars. A true family business, with three generations tending to the vines & trees.


The farm at Bosco Falconeria, located some 40 miles west of Palermo in the hills overlooking the Gulf of Castellammare has belonged to the Simeti family since 1933. Then it was a 25-acre farm dedicated mainly to vineyards, with a cellar in which there were seven platforms for treading the grapes.

Family problems, the agricultural crisis and the 1968 earthquake resulted in a period of abandonment, until in the early ‘seventies the farmhouse was restored as a vacation home.

From then on summers and weekends became busier and busier. The passionate involvement of Antonio Simeti, agronomist, married the curiosity of his wife, Mary Taylor Simeti, who in the early ‘80’s – while exporting Sicily to the States through books and articles – began to bring back information about organic agriculture.

Thus the vacation house returned to productivity, the property grew from the original 25 acres to over 35, the crops became diversified. In 1989, with Bosco Falconeria as its trademark, the farm obtained official organic certification. The following year the Simetis made the farm their permanent residence.

For the last ten years Bosco Falconeria has bottled its own organic extra virgin olive oil, has furnished fresh organic fruit and vegetables to speciality stores in Palermo, makes & and bottles a selection of organic wines with indigenous grapes as well as their own vinegars. 

The family has grown as well: Natalia Simeti and her Finnish husband Rami Salo, a Tai Chi Chuan instructor, have decided to make Bosco their home and to take over the management of the farm.