Antica Quercia

Nestled between Venice and the Dolomites is an Ancient Oak tree, one that has been referenced throughout Italian literature for many centuries. The tree overlooks rolling vineyards, olive groves and pomegranate trees.


 L’Antica Quercia craft a boutique range of organic prosecco, maintaining a firm root in ancient traditions but ever evolving with modern technologies and processes. Dedicated to organic viticulture they strive to create beautiful, fresh wines with minimal intervention in the cellar. Whilst the UK continues to drown in industrial mass produced prosecco, we are honoured to connect with L’antica Quercia and introduce some of their interesting wines to the UK.

To understand what the Antica Quercia (Ancient Oak) is, you need to walk through our vineyards, look at everything that surrounds us, sit beneath the shade of the big oak and listen to the silence. We are on the axis that connects the high peaks of the Dolomites to Venice, nestled among unique hills which give us everything we could want. For vines, olive trees and all the other trees we grow are looked after and respected according to the rhythms and the rules always suggested by nature. We like to think that Antica Quercia is above all a beautiful place to be. We do it for ourselves, for people that live with us and for future generations.”