Olive oil, vinegars & wine.

Inspired by our trips volunteering on organic farms, we have curated a collection of three staples that our European neighbours have been crafting and perfecting for thousands of years.

Notes from founder
Harry Collett

A few years ago I volunteered on an organic olive grove in Letur, Spain, hosted by farmer & conservationist, Luis Lopez Juarez.

Volunteering on Luis’ project changed my life; the people, the surroundings, the olive oil. I set off travelling and volunteering on organic projects throughout Europe. These experiences inspired me to set up Origin Organics, to support small scale positive agriculture and bring some of those flavours home. I’m excited to be working with a great selection of passionate farmers and forming a great connection between rural Europe and home.

I have since returned to Luis’ farm and helped with his on-going conservation project protecting ancient Iberian irrigation channels.

Our aim is to work directly with farmers.

No supply chain, no wholesalers. This way we get to fully understand the landscapes, the flavours, the people and their ethics.

Why we’re different

Unlike some other wine clubs and subscription box models – we won’t promise you to bring you different products from different farms every month for a whole year. We have chosen to work with deliberately few suppliers so we can offer consistent quality and you can get to know each farm and their various offerings

So far we are working with three olive oil farmers, three vinegar producers & four vineyards. We’re constantly looking out for the best there is and our collection will continue to grow – but we are not in a rush. Take it slow and enjoy the fine things in life, live the Mediterranean lifestyle.